Food Service Establishments

New Amendments to the Food Rule

The Teton Health District Rules for Food Safety 2014 are amended periodically. Three recent changes include:

Chapter 1, Section 28 (a)

This section defines an "informed end consumer".

  • "Informed End Consumer" means a person who is the last to purchase any product, who does not resell the product, and who has been informed through labeling that the product is not licensed, regulated, or inspected.

Chapter 4, Section 7 (b)

This section deals with ungraded eggs.

  • Any person selling ugraded, uninspected eggs in Wyoming shall sell directly to the informed end consumer for home consumption, and:
    • Label the carton:
      • Ungraded eggs;
      • Include the name and address of the exempt producer; and
      • Include a packing date and the statement "Keep Refrigerated."

Chapter 2, Section 12 (a) 12

This section requires that establishments notify customers that a copy of the most recent inspection report is available upon request by posting a sign or placard in a location in the food establishment that is conspicuous to customers.

Language for this posting:

  • Notice to our customers: Upon request our most recent health inspection is available for you to view.