Unconditional Quit Notice and Eviction

  • Unconditional Quit Notice: These orders require a tenant to move out within a shorter period of time that is allotted in the lease agreement. In Wyoming, a landlord can utilize an unconditional termination notice for any of the following: (1) failure to pay rent (2) tenant holdover (3) damages to rental unit (4) interference with another’s enjoyment (5) denying access to the landlord or (6) violating other duties defined by statute (such as disposing of garbage, complying with lease agreement terms and maintaining rental unit.) Wyo. Stat. §§ 1-21-1202 and 1-21-1203.
  • Eviction: A landlord can terminate with an unconditional quit notice if the tenant violates a material term of the lease agreement. In order to evict, a landlord must give the tenant three days’ advance warning of the landlord’s intention to start eviction proceedings. If the tenant fails to resolve the problem or voluntarily vacate the rental property, the landlord’s next step is to serve a Summons and Complaint. Wyo. Stat. §§ 1-21-1202 and 1-21-1203.