Meet Tim & Shelby

How long have you lived in the community?

Tim has lived in the community for 4 years and I have lived here for 2.
What do you do here (for work)?

Tim is a wildlife guide with the company Scenic Safaris so he is often up in Yellowstone National Park as well as Grand Teton National Park showing guests some of this area's magnificent features. I work for SkyWest Airlines at the Jackson Hole Airport as a ramp agent so I can be seen on the ramp waving the orange sticks to park an airplane. I also work for Snake River Brewing as a server.
Why do you choose to make Jackson home?

We choose to make Jackson our home because it feels like home! We love the community and the activities the outdoors have to offer us around here. The school system is great for our children! We have also made some pretty great lifelong friends that feel like family when neither of us has our families close by.

In what ways do you engage with your community?

When it comes to engaging in our Jackson Community, there are a few things we really look forward to every year. We really enjoy participating in Old Bill's Fun Run -- it is there that we learned of the wonderful program that is called Horse Warriors! Our daughter was able to participate in Horse Warriors this last summer and had the time of her life working with the horses. We also enjoy the thrill of the Rodeo in the summer and watching a Moose hockey game in the winter. Since we are so new to our neighborhood community, we haven’t had a whole lot of time to engage with our immediate neighbors, but it was fun attending this years annual HOA meeting. Meeting the people and listening to the comments and concerns was very interesting. We look forward to meeting everyone and joining together in BBQs and game nights!
How has affordable home ownership impacted you?

Affordable Homeownership has impacted us greatly by making a dream we didn’t think was possible come true! Tim and I had never owned a home anywhere before and were at a point in our lives where we really wanted to make that happen. We really love being in Jackson, but when we would look at the prices of the homes on the market, we knew the reality of owning a home in this area anytime soon was not going to happen! We even contemplated moving away for that exact reason, to find someplace we loved, where we could afford a home. We never could settle on a place that compares to Jackson so we chalked up the costly rent payments each month hoping for a miracle, and our miracle did come!
What's your favorite part about owning your own home?

Our favorite part about homeownership is that we have a home that is OURS! Instead of throwing away our money in rent, we are putting our money towards an investment! The mortgage is half the price we were paying in rent so we are finally able to save more for our future! Owning gives us a sense of permanency that renting never gave us. My daughter never has to worry about our next move and if she would have to change schools or not.
Thank you for wanting to get the word out there on such an amazing program Teton County has to offer! Working with the Affordable Housing Department was such a great experience and we feel so incredibly lucky to have been chosen to be a part of it!