445 E. Kelly Avenue

site picture

This 1.08-acre property was purchased by Teton County in June 2020 for $2,255,383.49. On July 20, 2020 the Board of County Commissioners directed the Housing Department to work with Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area ("Teton Habitat") to develop the property. The Board also directed staff to work with stakeholders to develop an RFP for site design that includes greater connectivity to Mike Yokel Park, enhanced and safer access to the Cache Creek Ditch, and preservation of the historic Brown residence for future use as either a community center managed by Parks & Recreation or a housing unit.

Groundbreaking: Spring 2022 (horizontal work will commence in late 2021)

Anticipated Completion: Phased over four years, 2023-2026

Total Units: 18ownership homes

Affordability: Affordable <80% MFI 

Public investment per unit: Estimated at $210,000 per unit 

Current Horizontal Site Design, June 2021