TETON County AND Prosecuting Attorney


Erin E. Weisman is the elected Teton County and Prosecuting Attorney.  The Teton County and Prosecuting Attorney's Office (TCPA) is comprised of a Criminal Division and Civil Division.  

The Criminal Division prosecutes misdemeanors and felonies occurring within Teton County.  All juvenile matters including delinquency, neglect, and children in need of supervision are handled by the TCPA in Juvenile Court.  

Involuntary hospitalization proceedings for persons who are mentally ill are filed by the TCPA.  

The Civil Division serves as legal counsel for Teton County's elected officials, the County departments, its employees, and various volunteer appointed boards, including the Teton County Planning Commission, the Teton District Board of Health, the Jackson/Teton County Housing Authority Board, the Travel and Tourism Joint Powers Board, and the Library Board.