Community Health Outreach

The Teton County Community Health Outreach Program is funded through the Health Inequities Grant, provided by the Wyoming Department of Health.


The Community Health Outreach Program (CHOW) utilizes a team of Community Health Workers (CHWs) to collaborate across programs within the Health Department and partners with health and human service organizations in Teton County to improve access to care and health equity for all.

Our Strategies 

  • Community Events: Engaging with our community members through public events across all of Teton County
  • Partnerships: Working with local health and human service organizations to design and provide holistic, inclusive, and wrap-around care for our residents
  • Resource Referrals: Connecting individuals to benefits and services provided by other networks
  • Individualized Support: Assisting our clients one on one during their visits to the Health Department, including providing quality interpretive services

What is a Community Health Worker? 

A Community Health Worker serves as a liaison between community members and resources available in our community. Community Health Workers are representatives entrenched among our residents and understand the needs of Teton County. 

Interested in learning more or want to partner with us?

Contact our Community Health Outreach Coordinator, Stuart Agnew, at or (307) 732-8484.