Federal & State EAS Components

Locally, Teton County Emergency Management has access and authority to activate the EAS along with several other key groups. We have local devices that we use to alert the public, and we can also access parts of the state and federal EAS to distribute messages as the situation dictates.

NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio Network

We have access to several methods of communication during a disaster. At the federal level, we can have the National Weather Service (NWS) send messages for us over their NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio network.

With one press of the button from the NWS office in Riverton, they can send our message out to all NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radios (which, with the alert function, will turn on automatically), local television, and local radio. Additionally, these messages will be broadcast over Wyoming's law enforcement teletype network, delivering the message to dispatch centers all over our area.

Visit the NOAA Website

Electronic Highway Signs

At the state level, Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) can put important messages on their electronic highway signs in Teton County. This would cover commuters and those who are on the road when an EAS activation occurs. These signs are located at:

  • Intersection of South Highway 89 and Highway 22, northbound and southbound (The "Y")
  • Highway 22 west of Wilson, westbound (heading up Teton Pass from Wilson)
  • Highway 22 at the state line, eastbound (west side Teton Pass)
  • South Highway 89 north of Hoback Junction, southbound

Additionally, local, state, and federal government has access to several portable electronic highway signs that may be deployed during an emergency.