Berm Violations

Many property owners like to install berms in order to screen their home from the roadway or from neighbors. Berms are permitted as long as grading standards are met, including but not limited to retaining stormwater on the property and the grading the berm to be no steeper than 2 to 1 ratio, or 50%. 

In the absence of a mutual grading easement between adjacent land owners, berms shall be within the property boundaries and outside of right-of-way lines and vehicular access easements. Should your property be located within the Scenic Resource Overlay (SRO), please contact the Planning Office to see if special standards apply if along a scenic corridor.

Dirt road that curves to the right with a few trees in the ditch

Permit & Location Factors

If your property is relatively flat and your project is over 12,000 square feet, you will have to apply for a Grading and Erosion Control Permit (PDF). If your property is located in the SRO or within dedicated open space, the standards may vary for berms. Please call our Planning Staff for more information.

Related Land Development Regulations

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