Can I build a pond on my property?

Manmade ponds can be built in accordance with Section 5.1.6 of the LDRs.  

On residential properties there are two types of permitted water features, habitat ponds and ornamental water features. habitat pond

Habitat Ponds are larger features that shall be setback 50 feet from any structures. They must be designed or reviewed by an environmental professional to ensure they are meeting the habitat standards of the LDRs. A buffer of natural vegetation is required around the pond. Even if a residential development is exempt from the Natural Resource Overlay Standards, a habitat pond may still require an Environmental Analysis. Check with a planner prior to submitting a Grading and Erosion Control permit for a new habitat pond. 

Ornamental water features are smaller (less than 1,000 sf of area) and are allowed within 50 feet of structures. They are intended to be more architectural in style and can only be 2 feet deep. They are not allowed to connect to any natural waterway or irrigation ditch. 

For more details, reference the Manmade Features section of the regulations.

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